#IWillNotBeDeleted – Maltese Influencers stand up against cyber bullying

Influencers in Malta have been raising awareness throughout this week against cyber bullying with the official hashtag for the campaign being #IWillNotBeDeleted.

Millions of photos, 115 million images to be exact, were removed from social media last year due to cyber bullying.  73% of those who have been bullied even considered changing their appearances as a result.

Throughout this week, the aim of the campaign was to try and spread awareness on the fact that looks do not define us.

We are all unique and different in our own way and we do not need any sort of acceptance or validation from anyone else to feel good about ourselves.

It’s very sad to hear that millions of women even go through self harm either through substance abuse, eating disorders or cutting themselves because of cyber bullying.

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“73% of those who have been bullied considered changing their appearance as a result. 51% of those bullied have stopped experimenting with their look. 22.8 million women worldwide went onto self-harm either through substance abuse or eating disorders or cutting themselves, following online beauty bullying. 115 million images every year are deleted because of beauty cyber bullying. “ Cyber bullying effects ONE in FOUR women globally. I personally believe in and support campaigns like the one @rimmellondonmt is pursuing yearly, not only because I myself am a person who posts daily on social media and am also subject to such bullying, but more so because as a person who manages a beauty group with almost 50k members, it is my responsibility to educate and share the knowledge given to me including every information possible regarding the subject with you all. NO it is not ‘ an opinion ‘ to make others feel bad about themselves. NO ‘ it is not freedom of speech ‘ to shame other people’s looks just because they’re different from yours. Please know the difference and be kind. Your opinion is effecting one of those four women globally. Your lack of kindness is effecting men and women of all ages across the globe. It is only an opinion until it hits home. Until it hits your cousin, your sister, daughter or you. Apart from being so demeaning and soul wrenching, Cyber bullying is a also crime ❌ #iwillnotbedeleted #rimmellondonmalta #rimmellondon #antibullying #antibullyingcampaign #onlinebeauty #takeastand #speakup #smashingdarlingx #bekind #makeadifference #positivevibesonly

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‘’Know your worth and don’t let ANYONE and ANYTHING stop you from doing and sharing what you love.’’

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We are all the same underneath!! No tolerance to bullying and bullies. Know your worth and Don’t let ANYONE and ANYTHING stop you from doing and sharing what you love. So many people have been bullied on social media for doing what they love, let’s all stick together and protect each other from ANY form of bullying!! I have deleted so many pictures because of the thought of what people may say when they see them. Not anymore !!. So glad to be serving a port if the❤️ @rimmellondonmt @rimmellondonuk ‘s I will Not be Deleted Campaign 😘. • • •Lashes by @nouveau.lashes.malta @nouveaulashesuk • #iwillnotbedeleted #makeuplooks #makeuptutorial #makeupideas #makeuplife #makeuptutorials #mua #muafeaturing #mua_underdogs #muasupport #supportlocal #nobullying #stopbullying #bullyingawareness #muafeaturing #makeupartistsworldwide #discoverunder5k #makeuptime #makeupoftheday #muaythai #muaxdiscover #discover #trending #trend #tiktok #unitedstates #unitedkingdom #uk #usa #florida

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We are so consumed in social media and everything that it brings with it that we always end up comparing ourselves to others and setting standards that we ‘should’ reach just because others look a certain way.

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I W i l l N o t B e D e l e t e d Cyber Beauty Bullying affects 1 in 4 Women Globally. So many images are deleted every year because of cyber bullying. So many harm themselves. And so many stop appreciating who they are, but instead criticize themselves on a daily bases. . . . People who criticize others in order to feel better about themselves, or feel powered by this, are the weak individuals. . . Bullies are cowards. . . To hell with not saying anything. Not saying anything means it’s ok. . . You Are Beautiful. You Are Good Enough. . . Stop believing what they say. Dont let them define YOU Dont let them hold YOU back NEVER stop being YOUrself Dont stay quite Dont change who YOU are Dont be defeated. . . . Nobody Gets to tell you who you are. Your words have power. Use. Them. Wisely. 👊🏼 . . . @rimmellondonmt campaign #iwillnotbedeleted.

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It’s easy writing words from behind a computer screen just so we can feel better about ourselves by making others feel little about themselves.

Instead we should uplift and praise one another instead of tearing each other down.

We never know what a person is going through and that is one of the down sides of social media.

It’s so easy to get caught up in the ‘picture perfect’ moment where we think that just because someone looks good in a photo and is smiling from ear to ear; we assume that their life is perfect.

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(THIS IS MAKEUP) In honour of @rimmellondonmt ‘s Anti-Bullying Campaign: Every day, an average human fights many social barriers to post online. Pictures are over-edited to show the crucial difference of what being "normal" to others really means. We preach and practice that we should never take what people say online seriously, but in all honesty, all of us read and question why people go to certain extent as to hurt one another. It is often noticed that people get rid of pictures they might have posted mainly because of rude comments which are inhumane sometimes. This make-up look today forms all the words I have faced either visually or physically throughout my school and work life. Words leave marks on the human brain and no matter how much you apologise or try to take something back, it's there to scar. I would like to take the opportunity to ask everyone to be kind to one another, regardless of gender, regardless of opinions. We are HUMAN, and unless something scientific changes, we will remain HUMAN. Stand up and join the movement. #IWILLNOTBEDELETED – @Inspired by @gaiacauchi . . . . . . . #rimmellcosmetics #antibullying #rimmell #rimmellondon #campaign #movement #stopbullying #dontbully #bruised #sfx #makeuplook #emotional #rimmellacademy #awareness #speakout #makeupmalta #kindness #malta #nobullying #emotionalmakeup #look #spreadawareness

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Next time you’re writing a mean comment on the internet, think twice about it and imagine what it would feel like if you’re the one reading that same comment someone had written to you.

Share your favourite photos of yourselves with the hashtag #IWillNotBeDeleted and spread some self love today!

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