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“I’ve Learnt to Adapt My Music Style to What is Relevant” – Karl Schembri on Malta’s Top 10


X Factor’s Karl Schembri was Jake’s guest earlier this week on Malta’s Top 10 following the release of his latest track ‘Closer.’ The new track in fact, million miles away from the genre which Karl auditioned with at the X Factor – his trademark soprano voice!

On this change in genre, Karl said that this isn’t exactly a change as he still trains classically and there are some nuances in the song which reflect his classical background.  “When releasing a track you need to experiment with different styles of music, choosing a style which is relevant to what would be en vogue at the time,” he said.



On taking part in other reality shows in Malta or abroad, Karl said that even though his experience on The X Factor helped him grow as a person, while also giving him a platform, he feels that the problem with these reality shows both locally and abroad is that people tend to forget “who you are, when the programme passes.”

“Where I stand at the moment, I’d much rather work hard and grow as an artist, trying out new things and making new music”, Karl said, adding that he is trying to garner as much experience and tools as possible, so that he can perfect the perfect package, which, in his opinion, is what makes an artist, and not just the singing, but the whole package, including character and personality.



On what can help the local scene get better is that artists should really work on perfecting the whole experience for the audiences, even in things such as a music video. “The music video shouldn’t stop at the singing, it should also include good dancing, and it has to also be visually appealing,” he said.

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