It’s Raining…Jellyfish in Marsascala!


No weather forecast was needed today, as a peek out the window was quite obvious that it was gonna rain…and boy did it rain!

Photos uploaded on the Malta Weather facebook page showed something that is quite a rare sight – Flying Jellyfish!

Malta Weather told us that this was due to the Wind-Wave Combo which hit St Thomas Bay in Marsascala. This caused the jellyfish to reach to the skies. Malta Weather also told us that a high presence of jellyfish in our waters is typical for this time of year.



While we are at it – tomorrow isn’t gonna be much better. Malta Weather tells us that the weather is expected to be windy and with isolated rain showers possibly thundery and with small hail becoming partly cloudy for some time and with a NW Force 7 wind backing WSW Force 5. Low of 10°C / High of 13°C.

Photos: Doris Zammit (Malta Weather)