Malta ‘has the noisiest neighbours’ in Europe

The countries with the noisiest neighbours have been revealed in a new poll – with Malta coming out on top.

Malta was ranked as the worst place in Europe for noise last year, as a result of rowing couples yelling, late night DIY fanatics and loud music.

Eurostat said more than a quarter of people in Malta experienced noise problems coming from their neighbours or the street.

Malta topped the noise list at 28.2 per cent, followed by Germany on 27.8 per cent and the Netherlands on 27.1 per cent.

Next in the rankings were those living in Portugal on 23 per cent, Romania on 20 per cent and the United Kingdom on 19.8 per cent.

The survey found that people living in cities or built up areas like Malta were twice as likely to suffer from noisy neighbours than those in rural areas.

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