It’s Now Illegal For Your Boss To Message You After Hours in Portugal


Portugal is changing the game as it looks to bring remote workers a healthier work-life balance under new labour laws approved by the country’s parliament.



This comes after remote working boomed as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, as Portugal’s ruling Socialist Party explained. Under these new rules, employers could actually face fines for contacting their employees outside of office hours.


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On top of that, companies will have to help pay for any expenses incurred by remote working, including increased electricity and internet bills. Employers will also be forbidden from monitoring their employees while working at home.



However, these amendments will not apply to companies with less than ten employees. Nevertheless, this is still great news for parents with young children!


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Intriguingly, measures to tackle loneliness are also included in these updated rules, with companies expected to organise face-to-face meetings at least once every two months.



This marks Portugal as the first country in Europe to amend its remote working policy as a direct result of the ongoing pandemic.