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It’s Carnival Weekend, and Danita is Living Up to Her Instagram Username


We have all grown to love following Danita Camilleri on her Instagram page as she takes us through her life, with all the funny anecdotes that she goes through. Over the past months since January last year, her stories and posts have gotten an extra dose of CUTENESS ever since little Lenny was born.

We have seen Lenny being the most adorable child listening to his mum’s storytelling, we have seen him eat, we have seen him take the first steps…all in all, we have seen him become the bundle of joy that he is!



Today, Danita melted our hearts further as she revealed the costume she picked for Lenny, and it is just too good for us to not share.

Danita’s instagram handle is @onechickandayorkie – and well, Lenny has now completed the set, as Danita dressed him up as a Chick, which is just too adorable! She wore a T-Shirt with ONE written on it so it just completes her username, as Buddy wanted in on the fun and joined the photo!



Thumbs up Danita! Too cute!