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Italy Makes COVID Certificate Mandatory For Public Spaces


Italy is officially introducing a mandatory coronavirus vaccination certificate, which will enable people to access several public spaces such as restaurants, stadiums, cinemas, gyms, and museums.


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As of 6th August, only those who received at least one administered dose of the vaccine and are aged 12 and over can enter certain indoor venues, but they must have the ‘green pass’.



This follows steps taken by France and Israel, with debates in the background over how far governments should be allowed to intervene in the freedom of choice of those who choose not to take the vaccine.


Denmark, Sweden to issue digital vaccine 'passports'


At the time of writing, about half of Italians over the age of 12 are fully vaccinated. However, covid cases are persistently surging in Italy, with cases doubling over the past week due to the highly infectious delta variant that’s been taking the world by storm.



Italian Prime Minister Maro Draghi urged, ‘I invite all Italians to get vaccinated and to do so straight away. Without vaccinations, we’d have to close everything again’.


Meanwhile, the so-called ‘green pass’ will be available to anyone who presents proof of a negative swab test taken 48 hours prior to accessing any of the activities or venues.