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It Is Now Official! DANIEL AND YLENIA Finally Come Clean!


After weeks of speculation, rumours, photos in group chats, it had to be our own Jamie to break the code. Jamie broke in the studio during Bay Breakfast, with evidence in hand, and after asking three times – we can now confirm that Daniel and Ylenia are officially a couple, and have been, for quite a few months!

“It’s funny how something would be staring at you in the eye for years, and then it finally hits you!”



This is how Ylenia described the moment Daniel went from co-host to better half last year, because it is now official and confirmed, Daniel and Ylenia, our very own Bay Breakfast hosts have taken their friendship one massive step further, and, as of last year, they are officially a couple.




“It happened straight after the sort-of-a-lockdown which we all had, when we returned to the studios after working from home for months,” Daniel said, whilst not revealing the minor details as to where and when it happened.



Ylenia, describing this as one of the few good things to come out of COVID-19 and 2020 in general, says that working from home actually made her realise her true feelings for Dan, and Ylenia being Ylenia, she had to do something about it!

She also told us that it feels so good that the cat is out of the bag, as they kept their status well hidden and concealed to everyone, apart from their immediate family, who were in on the secret too.



“We had decided at the beginning to remain professional about it, and therefore decided to keep it hidden, and to act as though nothing was happening, which was the hardest when our closest work colleagues were coming up to ask me or Daniel about it, especially after the Instagram stories over the holidays when, by mistake, Daniel and I uploaded a story of our food, at a local restaurant,” Ylenia told us.

All of us at Bay wish Daniel and Ylenia the very best and we send them bucketloads of hugs. Don’t forget to tune in, every morning from 6:30am onwards, for Bae Bay Breakfast with Daniel and Ylenia!