Is it time to limit visitor numbers to Comino?

The Maltese Islands are more popular than ever with holidaymakers.

Malta’s now so popular, in fact, there are calls for a daily limit to be imposed on the number of visitors to the Blue Lagoon this summer.

The demand from campaigners, environmentalists and some social media users comes after a video went viral after it was featured on 89.7 Bay’s award-winning Bay Easy Facebook page.

It shows hundreds of sun lovers and bathers packed like sardines at the Blue Lagoon off Comino on Monday afternoon.


Standing room only?Malta's Blue Lagoon is already PACKED – and it's not even summer!🎥 📍 Blue Lagoon, Comino, Malta

Publiée par Bay Easy sur Lundi 18 juin 2018


One Facebook user posted: ‘It’s an absolutely beautiful place although clearly it has become overcrowded and spoilt, which is such a shame.’

Another wrote: ‘Far too many people that beautiful island. It is being ruined by attracting too many tourists, just like another Benidorm!’

A third commentator added: ‘Sure there are some annoyances, but Blue Lagoon is among the best places in the world. I would suggest going during the week and taking the very first ferry from Marfa. You’ll have a solid two hours before all the tour boats arrive packed with hundreds and hundreds of people.’

Comino wouldn’t be the first destination to become a victim of its own success.

A number of countries, including Australia, New Zealand and Uganda have had to put a cap on travel to certain tourist destinations for fear of them being ruined by their popularity.

Malta’s not the only holiday hot spot facing the problem in Europe.

For example, there have been calls to put a limit on the number of tourists visiting Venice.

The Italian city’s narrow canal streets and bridges that are so much a part of its appeal have become congested to the point where it’s making life miserable for the residents.

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