“Irresponsible Acts Risk Throwing Away A Nation’s Sacrifice” – Malta Chamber of Commerce


In a statement issued this morning, The Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry condemned the spontaneous celebrations that took place yesterday in connection with Floriana FC being awarded the Premiere football league title.

“The behaviour of the few hundred people who gathered on the Granaries yesterday was most irresponsible and deplorable. This lack of discipline is a slap in the face of the country’s health workers who for the last months have been working round the clock to control the situation to the best of their abilities, the vulnerable who for months have been sacrificing their quality of life, our businesses who shut down to protect their clients, and the rest of responsible society, that has complied with the directives of the authorities,” the statement states.

Furthermore, the Chamber of Commerce said that therepercussions of these irresponsible acts are unthinkable, and risk to throw away months of sacrifices and hardships of an entire society, for the carelessness of a few, adding that “enforcement last night also left much to be desired, as the lack of preparedness on the part of the authorities allowed the irresponsibility of the few to potentially jeopardize the achievement and sacrifice of the many.”



This follows a nation-wide uproar on social media, as many people were not believing what they were seeing on their feeds, as crowds gathered to celebrate, under the seemingly watchful eye of the Police, who intervened when any damage could have already been caused.