Irish Actress Asks Twitter If Anyone Knows a Good Recipe For The Maltese Ftira

Over the past couple of days, many Maltese nationals have been giving bread making a try. Cooking oriented Facebook pages have been flooded with everyone’s ‘hobza Maltija’ or ‘ftira’ “kapulavur”, and we’ve been pleased to see our traditional bread making an appearance everywhere.

Luckily for us , we have nanna’s secret ftira recipe walking us through the bread-making journey.

But now, it seems like Ireland want in on our beloved ftira traditions as one Irish actress Nicola Caughlan, known for her role in Derry Girls, asks twitter if anyone knows of a good Maltese ftira recipe.


I swear, as soon as I read this, I imagined a Maltese nanna rolling in her grave somewhere. I mean, nanna would probably be reluctant sharing the recipe with her own kin, let alone some Irish personality craving our beloved ftira (I mean, can you really blame her though? Have you ever even had a warm ftira coming out of the oven? That’s the stuff that dreams are made of….)

I don’t know guys … should we share the love and give this poor soul the recipe?

Let us know what you think!

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