IPTV Channels To Be Blocked Soon In Malta


IPTV subscribers may experience service interruptions after a judge ordered internet service providers to block access to hundreds of IP addresses in Malta that were identified as illegal content providers.


In a decision handed down on 2 February, the First Hall of the Civil Court ordered telecommunications firms to ban unlawful and unlicensed broadcasts of Spanish league matches.



This was represented by Jacquiline Mallia who filed a case against ISPs.


PriceWaterhouseCoopers, an audit firm, identified the IP addresses in Malta in a report on addresses suspected of illegally transmitting or streaming content from the Spanish league’s first and second division matches without a proper license and in violation of intellectual property rights and copyright.



The content was accessible in Malta via websites, mobile applications, and other software, which included set-top boxes, media players, PCs, and other electronic devices, according to the court.


Mallia pointed out that while ISPs themselves were not infringing on copyright, their clients who were supplying unauthorized content were.