Introducing your new significant other to your Maltese family goes something like this …

We’ve probably all been there and if not, this is something that we ALL HAVE TO GO THROUGH. It’s like falling off a bike or locking yourself out of your house – sometime, somewhere we are going to have to do this!

For some parents introducing our boyfriends or girlfriends is a piece of cake but for others…it might be a bit more nerve wrecking! Here are the stages of introducing your other half to your family…

Telling your parents you’re dating someone

At this point the ‘relationship’ would be very low-key so talking about it to your parents must be done very carefully!

You don’t want to give too much detail about the person regardless of all the questions they will ask you; where is he from? How old is he? What does he do for a living? And the most important question of all would be: nazzjonalist jew laburist??!

Your parents seeing a photo of you two together on social media

Firstly, all those whose parents are not into Facebook or Instagram – you should consider yourself lucky! You can post whatever you want without having your parents snooping on you.

It’s a different story if they do have Facebook. They’ll ask you more in depth questions like; Where was this photo taken? Why is his hand on your butt and not on your waist? Binti, that skirt is too short – your nanna is going to see this and think that I approved of that outfit!!

Introducing him/her face-to-face to your parents and family

Although it’s not always the case when a niece or nephew gets a partner, the centre of attention turns towards them. The attention shifts to the newest couple of the family.

Being their parents, uncles or aunties they would want to know where you met, who did the first move and how long you’ve been together, you know ‘OFFICIALLY’.

You’ll always have that one relative who will then ask those questions you would have been dreading the whole night (plus warned your partner about and told them to act cool if they did ask)!

You become ‘one of them’

A couple of months pass and your family now start to look at your partner as ‘one of us’. There will still be that frequent warning of ‘Allahares tweggaha jew tiksrilha qalbha lin-neputija! ‘

Fast forward a couple of years

If you’ve been together for a couple of years now you’ll start getting questions like ‘When are you getting married? Its been a while now no? Don’t you think you should put a ring on it?

You may also get questions like ‘when are you going to make me a nanna ajd jahasra?’ What do u think you’re going to have? A boy or a girl?’

Despite this dreadful period, I promise you it will be over before you know it and in a couple of years time you would be laughing so hard when you start to reminisce about this nerve-wrecking moment in your lives!