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Interview: Omar Sudzuka, one of the Maltese players that’s currently smashing it at the Davis Cup

ma;ta at davis cup

After a win against San Marino and Andorra in the Davis Cup, Matthew Asciak and Omar Sudzuka, two of the three tennis players representing Malta in the games are set to go against Kosovo, tonight, 18th of July and Ireland, tomorrow, 19th of July.

We caught up with Omar to see how he’s feeling and get to know a bit about his journey.

You’re playing against Kosovo and Ireland, how confident are you that you can beat them and win the group?

We are confident in beating Kosovo today.

Tomorrow, we will be facing our toughest encounter against Ireland who are the favorites to win. This will  definitely be our biggest challenge.

Is tennis picking up in popularity in Malta since you started?

Yes. Thanks to the recent promising results of some of our juniors at the Asciak tennis academy. In the last few years we’ve seen tennis picking up more and more.

To name one, we’ve got Francesca Curmi who reached a career high of 50 in the world classifications. Playing junior Roland Garros, Wimbledon and the Australian open is a big achievement for Maltese tennis . She Is led by her coach Matthew Asciak.

It shows us that as an academy we have the knowledge to produce players at the highest international level.

What’s your best moment on the tennis court?

The best moment has to be at the Davis Cup last year in Montenegro were we got through to the playoff stage fighting for promotion against Montenegro which was never done before .

That was exciting.

The best place you’ve played tennis in?

Our experience at the new Rafael Nadal Academy in Mallorca with all our juniors.

They’ve built a state of the art tennis Centre.

Knowing what you know now, what advice would you have given yourself when you started your career?

I’d say, do the work and put in the hours. Believe in your preparation and the rest comes down to how determined you really are to win.

A big good luck to Matthew and Omar, we hope you smash it, and well done to the whole Maltese team!