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Intense Thunderstorms Expected This Autumn Due To Increased Heat


It is undeniable that this summer has seen a surge of high temperatures and according to local weather forecasters, this will consequently lead to bigger thunderstorms throughout autumn this year…


Malta put on thunder alert for the next three days - 89.7 Bay


As Maltese Islands Weather forecasters explained, as summer begins to give way to autumn, fresh air from over Europe will begin to move towards the centre of the Mediterranean. The difference between the hot, humid air and the fresh air can easily lead to greater instability on the Islands.



This could lead to the development of more severe storm systems. Wetter air also means there is more water in the atmosphere to weather the storm, causing more water and rain than usual.


Come rain or high water...soon - Newsbook


Another factor that plays part in these storms is the increase in sea temperature. In fact, sea temperatures this year have reached 29°C, which is about 2°C higher than the average for this time of year. Although such a change seems minimal, it will have a great impact on the weather.



Warm seas might also result in hotter weather, since it leads to higher humidity levels – meaning a temperature of 30°C can easily be felt as if it were 38°C.