Insynk Collective Talk About Their Journey, Goals & Opinions On The Local Scene On Homegrown With Jake


On the latest episode of Homegrown with Jake, Insynk Collective sat down to unravel their story – from what the collective is, to where the idea to collaborate came from – to their current projects, past successes, and opinions on the local music scene!



Insynk collective is a group of fiery talent founded by Andrew Mizzi and Claude Spiteri Belcher, two local producers who might be new to the local music scene but are already booming.


On sitting down with Jake, Andrew and Claude revealed that they were friends for about 5/6 years before they decided to collab. ‘We wanted to reach new heights with our production and now it’s been over a year’. In fact, Insynk Collective has recently expanded into a group of creative people, including local talents Neo Borg Bonaci, who works on film, and photographer Maria Galea.



And in case you’re wondering what they’re up to at the moment, Insynk revealed that they’re working on ‘a bit of everything’, including a concert with Zfin Malta that they just did, as well as some collabs with local artists like Maxine Pace, Claudio Zammit, and Luke Chappell.


This means that we’ll probably be hearing some fresh releases before 2021 wraps up, and according to Andrew and Claude, we can expect a new song from Maxine and another two from Luke Chappell!



But the local music scene still has a long way to go – at least in their humble opinions… Insynk spoke about the ‘lack of support, contacts and mentorship’ that Malta faces: ‘Music isn’t taken seriously enough here, or even seen as a career at all’, they said. ‘It takes time to build a music career from the ground up, especially here, but it needs to be given a chance first’.


When Insynk started out, everyone thought that I was insane’, Andrew added, ‘that I’d waste my time, that I shouldn’t because I already had a job – but I had a gut feeling that it was time for me to take a risk’. I think I speak for all of us here when I say, I’m glad he did.



That doesn’t mean it was easy, though… For any aspiring artists out there, Insynk explained that if you want to make it in the industry, you need to be at the top of your game and to know what’s going on around you. Plus, ‘if you limit yourself to just the local scene, you can’t have a steady income’, but if you ‘have the will and knowledge to succeed’, you surely can.


Above all, they stressed that consistency and quality are key because as Jake said, ‘you will never impress with quantity’ – so true!


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