Instagram To Introduce New Safety Feature That Prevents Adults From DM-Ing Teens


In an effort to continue building a safe community, Instagram has unveiled a brand-new feature that prevents adults from sliding into teenagers’ direct messages, as the social media giant has shared.



Co-founder and co-CEO of Project Rockit shared, ‘Around the world, it’s widely understood that most social media platforms require a 13-year minimum age requirement, but the complexity of age verification remains a long-standing, industry-wide challenge.’



She added, ‘By using machine learning to flag potentially inappropriate interactions, improving teen privacy features and DM-ing younger users with real-time safety info, Instagram is equipping young people with tools to be the architects of their own online experience.’



As for how it works, Instagram will basically notify the adult sender that messaging a user under the age of 18 is prohibited. And with the platform’s machine-learning technology, the company can predict users’ ages along with the age provided upon signing up.



Instagram shared, ‘As we move to end-to-end encryption, we’re investing in features that protect [the] privacy and keep people safe without accessing the content of DMs,’.


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The platform is also prompting youngsters to be more cautious about who they message, ‘Safety notices in DMs will notify young people when an adult who has been exhibiting potentially suspicious behavior is interacting with them in DMs,’ Instagram stated.



Elsewhere, Instagram is set to launch another feature that makes it harder for adults to search or follow young teenagers whilst advising adolescents to go private when starting a profile.


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The new safety features will be available in select countries this month until they expand worldwide sometime soon.

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