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Infrastructure Malta Donating 11 Trees to Teenage Boy with ADHD, following Vandalism in his Field


Earlier this week, a field which is being used by Jayden, a teenage boy with ADHD was vandalised, and some 14 olive trees were stolen, while a holy statue and a CCTV camera were broken. Situated in the Ahrax area of Mellieha, the field serves as a means of therapy for the boy. In fact, Jayden, together with his brother and their father, have spent the past months working to give the field a new life.

The Ahrax area was recently in the news after it was put under the governance of FKNK, a hunting lobby group, for them to safeguard, together with the Mizieb area.

In a recent live video, Jayden’s father thanked all those who reached out adding that ‘whoever wants to plant an olive tree in the field, they have every right to.’

Mr Scicluna also thanked Infrastructure Malta for calling him personally and for offering to donate 11 trees. Apart from this, the Mellieha Local Council, through the proactive councillor Gabriel Micallef, teamed up with Ghaqda Sigar Maltin to also donate a number of trees to Jayden.

Jayden’s on social media said that “no one should harm the beautiful nature we have in Mellieha” He said that together with his brother Jayden, they “won’t let this stop us from helping the nature and environment.”

Watch Mr Scicluna’s video in full below.