IN VIDEO: Shanghai Killing Pets If Owners Are In Quarantine


Residents of Shanghai, China are currently very frustrated after being stuck in their home for a week of total lockdown.



Shanghai has been in total lockdown since the 5th of April after a rise in Covid-19 cases with a zero-risk approach to the pandemic.


Shanghai Covid lockdown extended to entire city - BBC News


The residents ended up screaming from their apartments as a protest following the total lockdown. Shanghai authorities tried to respond to these protests by sending a drone instructing people to stay quite and accept the lockdown as it is.



Due to the Covid-19 situation in Shanghai, most residents are struggling with surviving as the demand for delivery apps and government rations are increasing.



However, the situation took a turn for the worse because it was also revealed that Shanghai authorities are now killing pets of owners who become infected with Covid-19 and are in quarantine. Videos showing the brutal killings of these innocent pets were shared on Twitter.



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