In The Past Week, Malta Has Registered The Least Positive Covid 19 Test Outcomes In Europe

According to, Malta has ranked last in terms of the number of positive COVID-19 related test outcomes when compared to the rest of Europe… but if we#’re being honest, that is exactly the kind of positioning we want to be in right now.

Being last means that we have the least number of positive COVID test results for the week, which is a very good thing.

“We’re at the bottom of the list again. But in this case, that is where every country aspires to be. By any measure this is a great achievement and everyone involved in the country’s strategy to tackle Covid-19 deserves the admiration of a grateful nation,” the post reads.

Malta was followed by Denmark, who can be found in the penultimate position on the list. The country with the highest registered new cases of COVID for the week is Sweden, at 7.9%.

Let’s just hope that we keep this lucky streak up.

Well done Malta!