IN PICTURES: Vandalism at Il-Majjistral Nature and History Park


The Management of the Majjistral Nature and History Park have reported that they have become aware of red arrows being sprayed on the ground, on stones and on rubble walls at and outside of Majjistral Park boundaries.

They have also asked for people’s help in reporting any similar sightings which they see.



“It is illegal, according to SL 549.83, to cause damage to the Park and its biodiversity. Such actions are subject to hefty fines. These actions have therefore been reported to Mellieħa Local Council and the Police,” the Facebook post said.



The marks are an unacceptable act of vandalism due to the following, according to the Park’s page.
1. Permitting procedures are in place for the carrying out of activities within the Park which need to be approved by the Conservation Officer. This is to reduce the trampling of wild plants and animals like reptiles and insects that inhabit the Park.
2. Spray paints can cause damage to wildlife as they contain toxic chemicals and removing them can only be done using more toxic chemicals (paint remover).
3. They litter the countryside with marks that do not belong and which remain there for a long amount of time therefore spoiling the enjoyment of the countryside for responsible visitors.
“We ask the public to please help us look after our national Nature and History Park and other precious open natural spaces. After all these spaces belong to all of us and we need to care for them for the health benefits they provide to us as well as that of future generations,” the post states.
If you see any of these marks whilst out walking please send a message to the Il-Majjistral Nature and History Park with a photo and coordinates of the location (or a dropped pin on a map) via the same Facebook Page.


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