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IN PICTURES: Valletta’s Bus Terminus And Pjazza Tritoni Over The Years


Valletta’s Bus Terminus has had its fair share of relocation over the past decades. Starting off near Auberge de Castille, moving down to right outside City Gate, getting its very own iconic fountain, making its way further down from City Gate – leading to the creation of what is now known as Pjazza Tritoni. This gorgeous photo collection is the ideal time-travelling expedition!



Starting off at Auberge de Castille, the Terminus was moved to outside Valletta – MINUS the Fountain




Above is the Inauguration of the Triton Foundation which was sculpted by local sculptor Vincent Apap in 1959.




Switching to Colour now 😉




Following a massive project which saw The Square, the Fountain and the Entrance to Valletta change, the bus terminus was moved to the side of Pjazza Tritoni, with the square now being one great, stunning open space, and a proper entrance to a glorious city!