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IN PICTURES: Valletta Looking Stunning As Ever Through the Eyes of Local Photographer


Debbie Debono has been photographing for the past five years, and she tells Bay that “Malta has always been on of my favourite spots to photograph.”

“Despite being a small country, Malta has a lot to offer, and has a lot of versatility, ranging from landscape/nature photography to city/architectural photography with very short distances apart,” Debbie tells us.

If you happen to come across Debbie’s profile on Instagram (@debonodebbie) you will immediately realise the sense of creativity which she has, matched with a superb eye for detail. Luckily for us, and for you, Debbie has shared some stunning photos of Malta’s gorgeous capital, Valletta!


Where Every Valletta Trip Starts – the iconic Pjazza Tritoni


Auberge De Castille – The Office of the Prime Minister


Right Next to Castille, you will encounter this gem – the Church of St Catherine of Italy


Your walking trip continues onto Zachary Street, to get to THE Gem of Valletta



St John’s Co-Cathedral is a must-visit in Valletta


Thanks to its gridlock layout Valletta’s side streets are as impressive as the main ones!


Located on top of Victoria Gate, this part of Valletta has served as a backdrop for movies, music videos, photo sessions, and that good glass of Wine!



On your way out of Valletta, you will definitely walk past Palazzo Ferreria, which now hosts the Ministry for Social Affairs


Be it night or day, this foundation is one of the City’s landmarks!


Imagine being over 450years old, and you will still look this good!!