IN PICTURES: The Maltese Chefs Go The Extra Mile In Beirut

Hany Harb, owner of Ali Baba Restaurant is currently leading a team of Maltese Chefs in Beirut, to cook for the thousands of victims following the catastrophic explosion which hit the Lebanese City some days ago.

In the weeks leading up to the departure, Hany was also raising funds to use for ingredients when in Lebanon.


And this is where these heroes took things a step further. Hany and the team took to the streets of Beirut to hand out food personally.


Apart from this they also gave out monetary donations to the NGOs which are currently carrying out priceless work with the people of Beirut.

Here is what happened, in pictures!





Apart from giving food out from the back of their van, the team even went as far as knocking on doors as they went along, truly proving that not all heroes wear capes!


We’d like to thank Hany’s Wife Claudianne for sending over these heart-warming photos!

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