IN PICTURES: Senglea Artist Recreates his City’s Most-Known Landmark


Robert Zammit, is a self-taught carpenter who started creating models of known Maltese landmarks as a hobby following his full-time job as an AFM Soldier.

Cut to a few years later, and Robert has created some of the best models we have ever seen, including this one we are sharing with you today of Senglea’s Gardjola Gardens.

As you can see in the photos below, Robert pays attention to the tiniest of details with the final product looking simply amazing.



In an interview some years back Robert had said that he has two wishes: first one being that he would like to open a Creativity Centre for Youths, and the second one being that of seeing Senglea opening up its first museum. Both wishes, in Robert’s words have one aim – “to keep culture alive, and to pass on what he knows to others”.

Periodically Robert has been invited to hold exhibitions, even during 2018’s Valletta Celebrations – and following a personal experience which he went through, he always gives the proceeds to Puttinu Cares.

Thanks to his daughters, we are going to be bringing you more of Robert’s work in the coming days, which is just the right feast-for-the-eyes which we all need at the moment!


How it all begins…





And then the details start being diligently included.








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