IN PICTURES: Mural Artist Designs The Ultimate Tribute To COVID-19 Frontliners In Zabbar


In just seven days, Mural Artist Justin Bonnici gave a facelift to a huge structure found in the Zabbar Playing Field by painting a tribute to the “Pandemic Heroes” as he called them. This is his way of thanking them “for their sacrifices and intelligence to keep us safe.”


This is how it all started, as part of a project by the Zabbar Local Council


Mhux sempliċiment ħajt ta' torri, imma tila għall-artist Żabbari Justin BonniciProġett ieħor tal-Kunsill Lokali Ħaż-Żabbar.Nistennew ir-riżultat finali fil-ġranet li ġejjin 😉

Publiée par Jorge Grech sur Jeudi 7 mai 2020


And this, ladies and gentlemen, is the final product!


‘Pandemic heroes’Done in seven days in Zabbar 😷 Bigups to these guys for their sacrifices and intelligence to keep us safe .Justink's and murals

Publiée par Justin Bonnici sur Mardi 19 mai 2020