IN PICTURES: Coffee Breaks Any Political Barrier In Time For Tomorrow’s Public Holiday


As Malta Celebrates Sette Giugno tomorrow, in Valletta today the official ceremony tied to this National Holiday took place, in which PM Robert Abela, Opposition Leader Adrian Delia and Speaker of the House Anglu Farrugia participate.



In what many are describing as a “lead-by-example” moment, Adrian Delia invited the Prime Minister for a coffee at a renowned cafeteria, an invitation which the Prime Minister accepted.


Photo: Gareth Degiorgio


In a facebook post Adrian Delia said that it was time that our country gets rid of political tribalism, once and for all!


Wara li fakkarna l-eroj Maltin li nqatlu fil-ġlieda għad-demokrazija, offrejt kafe lill-Prim Ministru. Pajjiżna għandu bżonn jinfatam mill-politika tribali. 🇲🇹

Publiée par Adrian Delia sur Samedi 6 juin 2020

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