IN PICTURES: Civil Protection Department Controls Fire At Qormi Trailer Yard – No Injuries Reported


On Saturday afternoon the Civil Protection Department was alerted on a large fire that engulfed part of a trailer yard and an adjacent workshop in Mdina Road Qormi.



Several firefighting units from Kordin, Pembroke, Halfar, Xemxija and Dingli were immediately dispatched on site. The firefighting operation lasted several hours and involved 5 officers and over 30 firefighters.



In total more than 250,000 litres of water and 3,000 litres of foam were used. The operation also involved the Department’s three water carriers which together with the efforts of the firefighters stopped the fire from spreading further.



The Civil Protection Department, in a statement, thanked St John Rescue Corps Emergency Fire and Rescue Unit, Malta Police Force, Emergency Department of Mater Dei Hospital and Transport Malta for their assistance during the operation.

Mdina Road was closed for traffic for a couple of hours, as the black cloud of smoke was seen from various localities.

Thankfully, no injuries were reported. However, the fire destroyed trucks and machinery which were parked in the area.

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank all the security forces for their sterling work, today, and always!







Photos: CPD

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