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IN PICTURES: “Aw Siri!”…What If Siri Was Maltese?


Siri is like the family member we never knew we needed, the imaginary friend who actually answers, the personal assistant we all love to have. As of March 2020, Siri supports 21 Languages, including Arabic, Cantonese, English (duh), Hebrew, Malay, Mandarin, Thai and Turkish.

It also supports a variety of dialects for Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian and Spanish.



But…after all its years of existing, Siri does not yet Support Maltese. But, what if Siri was in fact, Maltese? Here are some scenarios which we came up with!

Weather Updates


Going through your Contact List




Getting the kind of Siri-Helpful Answers (ish)



Finding Your Locations (in a very non-judgemental way)




And finally, the Famous Traffic Updates!



What do YOU Make of this? What would YOU ask Maltese Siri?