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IN PICTURES: Another Flamingo Spotted in the South of Malta


Here’s hoping that this gorgeous Flamingo will not end up like the flamingo which was shot dead over the weekend, as it would really be a pity.

In the meantime, however, we invite you to feast your eyes on these gorgeous photos.



Mr Benny Scerri sent over these photos to a local weather page. This gorgeous flamingo, with an extra shot of pink, was happily gallivanting in the south of Malta, and it just makes us think to ourselves just how better it would be for people everywhere to enjoy these creatures rather than shooting it down!



What happened over the weekend?

A flamingo that was part of a flock that visited Malta earlier this week was shot dead in Xrobb l-Ghagin on Saturday Malta. The case was witnessed by a member of the public who said that the bird was shot dead from a nearby cliff, with the person shooting not even bothered about the boats which were anchored.


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Photos: MaltaWeather/Benny Scerri