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IN PICTURES AND VIDEOS: Today’s Storm Created Waterspouts, Power Cuts and Floods

The second thunderstorm of the weekend kicked-off at midday, as parts of Malta and Gozo got hit by quite the storm, which, as usual left quite a bit of consequences, and floods.




Beautiful Shot taken from the Fra Ben Area,
as lightning hit parts of Malta and Gozo





Waterspouts also started forming in the sea






And Obviously the Odd Flood or Waterfall here
and there have to make an appearance.
Pictured below is the flooding in Pembroke
and the ‘waterfall’ in Mellieha






While some parts of Malta, the Power Went Out,
and it was back to the Candle in the Wind Cabinet



Bottom line? IF you are reading this and you are out and about, drive carefully and avoid areas which are known to be prone to flooding! IF You are reading this and you are indoors, some Hot Chocolate and Netflix will do the trick!


Photos: Malta Weather