IN PICTURES: 4th Fast Ferry Vessel Heading to Malta Soon

You might have already seen one of the models in Sliema already but the fourth fast ferry vessel has just undergone the last sea trial by PME Group in the UK.



In a post, the company said that this was the last vessel from a set of two ferries and two larger vessels.



These 4 new-build vessels, 2x 20m and 2x 33m catamarans, were designed by One2Three Naval Architects.

Peter Morton, CEO of Wight Shipyard told Bay that Wight Shipyard “have been working with One2Three to develop lighter, more fuel-efficient ferries with the subsequent reduction of fuel costs.  The operators see the long-term benefits in using less fuel and thereby reducing carbon emissions. We are also working to integrate the boarding design for the ancient wharves and docks of the towns of Malta.”

Let’s face it, even looking at the exterior design is making us look forward to using them!