IN PICTURES: 46 Kilos Of Waste Collected by Eden Leisure Group and Nature Trust


Last Saturday 24th of October, Eden Leisure Group teamed up with the Nature Trust to clean the beach at Gnejna Bay after the summer season.

Although the number of participants was limited to ten people due to COVID-19 regulations, an impressive 46KG of rubbish was collected from along the beach in just 2 hours. The rubbish bags were full of plastic, cigarette butts, cotton buds, bottles and bottle tops, fabric, broken glass and iron.



Without the efforts of volunteers, all this waste would end up in the ocean where it would harm marine life, damages crucial ecosystems.  And ultimately adversely affects human health. A big portion of the items collected on the beach were plastic fragments smaller than a 2 cent piece.

The Eden Leisure’s COO and Green Team chairperson, Kate de Cesare said: “The Covid pandemic has made many people and companies reassess their priorities and sadly the environment has taken a back seat to the many other problems it has brought about.  We feel it our duty to remind each other, the public and other companies that caring for the environment can never be put on the back burner – the state of the planet is the biggest threat to us all.”





Eden Leisure Group set up its ‘Green Team’ in July 2018 with the purpose of pushing the company to become more environmentally-friendly, to adopt greener practices, raise awareness among its employees as well as nation-wide, through its media.






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