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IN PHOTOS: Taryn’s Miss Malta Outfits Were So Gorgeous, We Spent the Night Gagging

It’s not every day that you get the opportunity to present Miss Malta, but you know you’re doing it right when you snatch a nation’s wig away with your outfits while doing it. That’s exactly what queen Mamo Cefai did at the start of the weekend with her princess inspired dresses for Miss Malta.

We’re taking a look at all three outfits, in hopes that our hair stays planted firmly onto our heads in the process (no promises).

The Sleeping Beauty Dress

Ok, there’s a reason I’m naming the first look this. It’s a mixture of blue and pink, and it looks awfully familiar to the one Aurora is wearing at the end of the cartoon version of Sleeping Beauty.

And there’s that scene where the fairies change her dress colour to blue and pink while she’s dancing. It really looks like Jay Curmi got the inspiration from there.

The Green Ballgown

Oh my word, look at that ball gown.

Taryn tells Bay how this particular outfit was inspired by the Money Heist series. Borg, the team behind this dress, created this gown as part of their Money Heist collection. This gorgeous ensemble that Taryn is wearing is called Berlin.

Doesn’t she just look like a princess?

She even posed like a princess, look at her, bless.

The Final Dress

Taryn tells us that this last one was made by a foreign designer.

Now it’s like a mixture of a gorgeous bridal dress and a dress made for royalty, and all we’re going to say, is that if Taryn’s wedding dress is going to look anything like this one, she’s going to make a stunning bride one day.

A regal piece made for one of Malta’s Queens.

Which was your favourite of the three?

Let us know in the comments section!