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IN PHOTOS: Rainbow Graces Malta’s Skies After Moments Of Heavy Rain

After days of scorching sun, Malta experienced a gloomy May day with on and off heavy rain showers … but at least we can say it was worth it, thanks to the rainbow that graced our skies earlier this afternoon.

Our Bay Drive duo Pierre and Taryn asked you if you took any photos of today’s rainbow on Bay Drive, and boy oh boy did you deliver!

So many of you sent us your ‘picture perfect’ shot of today’s rainbow.

Does anyone else immediately scream ‘ROYGBIV’ at the top of their lungs when they see a rainbow? No? Just me? … ok then, moving on.

Somewhere, over the rainbow …… way up high

I mean, we asked for rainbow photos, and boy did you guys deliver

I’m going to ask you one more time … ROYGBIV anyone??

Got any more rainbow photos to share?? Drop us a message and we’ll give you a feature!

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