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IN PHOTOS: People Around The World Have Been DIYing Face Masks And It’s Hilarious

No mask? No problem. At an age where leaving the house without your mask is the equivalent of leaving without a wallet, it’s important to make sure you have a mask, or a mask like-object handy in case you need to shop.

Now, we have no idea if it’s because they forgot their mask and needed a quick alternative, or they just couldn’t be bothered buying a proper mask.

All we know is that people around the globe have been creating DIY face masks out of random objects and it is absolutely hilarious.

See-through, and it’s got matching gloves too – just not sure how breathable it is… 

Who needs masks with straps when you can just grab a pad and stick it to your face?

No, it’s not just for cleaning? Ok? 

I’m sorry, I just can’t – this person re-purposed a bra and turned it into a mask – someone please tell me how that is not upcycling at its best. It’s got a nice floral pattern too. 

When a mask isn’t enough, and you need something to protect the rest of your upper body … just crab a plastic sofa cover – God knows every Maltese household basically has one

Neigh or nay? 

Ma’am, I think you’ve misplaced your underwear

Maybe it’s her birthday? 

Think he’s looking for the catch of the day …


You’ve got to hand it to these people though, they can really think outside of the box when it comes to it…

Photos taken from Viral Panda Facebook page.