IN PHOTOS: Nadur’s Carnival Had Some Interesting Costumes…

Wasal iz-zmien, mistenni min kulhadd, iz-zmien li jgib il-ferh tal-karnival!

Jaghjtu x-xjuh u jghajtu t-tfal, viva l-jiem tal-karnival!

(Actually had to google that cos I normally mumble my way though half of it then shout the main chorus at the top of my lungs when it comes up.)

We never think it possible, but each year, the costumes just get better and better.

We hit Nadur over the weekend to spot some interesting costumes that stood out from the crowd, and may we say … Nadur did not disappoint.

The kings and queens came out to play

We were expecting this one…

And one of them actually had a water gun/sprayer and was literally spraying people with liquid when they get near.

Medusa was turning people into stone, left, right and centre

A LEGO family got together, aawh

Destiny Chukenyere was in the building!

She lives in us.

The air-hostesses that gave life to everyone

What cracked us up the most about these three were their name tags. Meet Lydia Zerafa, Ira l-Laxka and … wait for it … Dia Rhea. They work for an up and coming airline called Air Dai 2.

There were the fair share of Jokers running around

And it wouldn’t be Nadur’s carnival without some of these:

Did you have a great costume you’d like us to share?

Drop us a message and we’d be more than happy to give you a mention!

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