In Photos: Malta’s New Bus Has Been Unveiled

What started out as an April Fool’s joke has now become Malta’s next step in public transport.

Malta’s new buses have been unveiled and they look amazing!

It’s only a miniature model so far but works on a real-life version of the bus will start soon

It’s a modern take on the classical traditional Maltese bus

People from all ages gathered around to check out the new model

And everyone was taking photos with Malta’s bus of the future!

How can you not? It looks stunning!


Minister Ian Borg shared: “It is a concept that brings together something very nostalgic for us Maltese and something we are looking at for our future – sustainability, alternative means, electromobility. I commend Architect Mizzi and his team for this impeccable design joining culture and progress and I hope that in the future this design can be tangibly realised.”

From his end, Architect Jonathan Mizzi said, “As a country we have such an incredible amount of built heritage. Our industrial heritage is just as important as our architectural heritage. The buses were the lifeline that fuelled our connectivity across every arterial road. They brought so much colour and joy to our roads as each colour denoted its own route. And this why they were such a vibrant symbol of our Maltese craftmanship loved not just by our people but also by our tourists.

“My studio and I have worked very hard over 7 years to capture the essence of our diverse bus fleet into a singular design that unifies the most common genetic features of them all fusing them with the functionality of the latest technology in transport.”