IN PHOTOS: Main Birzebbugia street completely flooded with sea water

A recent post on popular Facebook group RUBS shows streets in Birzebbugia being completely flooded with sea water.

Sabrina Bonita, the person who posted the photos shares:

“Something needs to be done! Cars are passing from the wrong way (that’s dangerous), cars passing by are being exposed to high levels of sea water (that’ll cause damage), people can’t use the zebra crossing (that’s another danger) and there’s a huge lack of parking!”

It seems like the flooded road is the main entrance to Birzebbugia if you’re coming from Marsascala, Ghaxaq, Zejtun and those areas.

One of the other available entrances is currently undergoing road works.

The only way of getting into Birzebbugia while avoiding the flooded streets and roadworks at the moment is passing from Gudja.

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