In Photos: From stomach-churning challenges to amazing performances, Freshers 2019 was great!

This year’s Freshers really was something else …

We live-streamed right from Quad and had Malta’s most loved stars joining us from our Freshers stage.

With competitions between the stars, to getting you lot up on our stage, this year’s Freshers was really and truly one to remember.

But don’t take our word for it, see for yourself!

Daniel and Ylenia were there the whole time live-broadcasting their breakfast show

We basically pitted Daniel and Ylenia against each other for each competition, with the loser of the week having to go through the worst punishment Bay has ever given any of their presenters.

We had dumbbell challenges

Plank challenges between the girls

They almost made it to 4 minutes!! Now that’s impressive.

We even made Luke Chappell plank for as long as he could before his performance

And had students put toothpaste in their mouth and try out some tongue-twisters

And we gave the people who participated some cool Bay freebies

Together with as many notebooks we could carry

Drew and Taryn were there live-broadcasting their show too!

We had Muxu and Kevin Paul join us to play Single Second Song

And Kevin lost … so we pied him 🙂

Gaia and Owen played some hilarious games with us and we made the loser drink a concoction made of nightmares

Adrian Delia showed us how to do proper push-ups

And we had X-Factor Malta judge Alexandra Alden perform too

Who was joined by some of Malta’s top influencers

What can we say.. it was just great

The Freshers video with all the gruesome challenges and hilarious moments is coming out soon, so stay tuned!


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