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IN PHOTOS: Dolphins As You’ve Never Seen Them Before, Spotted In Delimara

Over the past couple of weeks, dolphins sighted around the island have sparked a social media sensation. We’ve been seeing the return of the dolphins to Maltese waters, something which many of us hadn’t seen for a long time, if not ever.

We’ve seen dolphins across Sliema’s shores multiple times, they were spotted really close to Mgarr Harbour the other week, we even spotted them in Birzebbugia and St Paul’s island, heading towards Xemxija.

This time around, we’ve come across some gorgeous photos of dolphins spotted in Delimara, near Marsaxlokk – and I don’t think we’ve ever seen shots of dolphins taken so clearly and from up close.

From the looks of it, the sea doesn’t look all the summery, so it might be that these dolphins were sighted a while back – either way, just look at how magnificent they look!

It almost looks too good to be true  – it’s one thing to see them jumping in and out of the sea on a video – but when you a have a photo that’s so picture clear … imagine actually seeing them in real life.

Unfortunately, we have noticed that dolphin spotting isn’t as common as it was a couple of months ago – there was a time where we were seeing sightings of them around once a week, hopefully it’s not because dolphins are disappearing from our seas again.

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Photo credits: Francesca Soster