“In Memory of My Angel Emily” – Vanessa Gatt


We all remember the cute Emily and her journey as she battled cancer at such a young age. Today, on the first day of September, which is recognised as Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, her mother Emily shared a heartfelt note, in memory of her angel Emily.



“Your child has cancer” are the four words that change lives of families forever! From that day, children diagnosed with cancer run in hospital hallways and not in the park. Nurses and all the healthcare professionals are their new family and friends. Their smiles and laughter makes your heart melt. Their strength will inspire you. And the childhood survivors will always live in cancer’s shadow for the rest of their lives!


7 weeks living without you my baby, I miss you like crazy 🥺💔

Publiée par Vanessa Gatt sur Mardi 18 août 2020



All over the world public buildings will be lit in Gold as part of the Gold September Campaign, in a bid to raise awareness about childhood cancer. Every year, more than 35,000  children are diagnosed with cancer in Europe.

Although the average survival rate at five years is 80%, there are significant differences between European countries due to unequal access to the best care and expertise.

Leukaemia appears to be the most frequent and most lethal cancer in children, accounting for more than 30% of new cases and deaths per year.



Fighting cancer is a priority for the EU. In June, the European Parliament set up a special committee to look at how the EU can take concrete  measures to help beat cancer.

In fact, one of the buildings taking part in the Gold September Campaign is the European Parliament in Brussels.



The Parliament Vice-President, who is a former paediatrician and health minister, added: “By lightning the European Parliament in gold we send a strong signal of solidarity and support to children and adolescents fighting cancer, their families, childhood cancer survivors and professionals serving them. ”


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