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“I’ll Be Swimming For 33 Hours, But It Will Only Take You 3 Minutes To Do The Challenge.”

On the 26th of June, Neil Agius will be embarking on a journey, swimming for 33 hours, making his way from Sicily to Malta. A feat that is both physically and mentally challenging, and all for an amazing cause.

“I’ve always had a passion for swimming. Looked for ways to challenge myself, especially when it comes to swimming. I’ve swam around Malta, I’ve swam from Gozo to Malta, and now I’m swimming  the whole way between Malta and Sicily, without ever touching a boat. But I’m not only doing this for the sake of the challenge, I’m doing it to raise awareness.

Publiée par Wave Of Change Malta sur Mercredi 17 juin 2020

“During many of my swims, I’ve come across a lot garbage. Not just the ones people directly throw into the sea, but even disposable masks and gloves that find their way to the water after days of heavy wind. It’s sad and disappointing, and something needs to be done. Hopefully this will inspire people to be the change they want to see.”

Neil will be swimming a total of 95km from Sicily to Malta, ending somewhere along St Julian’s. He’ll only have a swimsuit and goggles on, no wet-suit, and for the duration of the swim, he won’t be able to get aboard any boats. This is also the third consecutive year that Neil will be completing a swimming challenge of the sort, but none have been as extreme as this.

“Once I conquer the Sicily to Malta challenge, I can start focusing on an even bigger challenge, but let’s take things one step at a time. I’ve had to do a lot of sacrifices to train for this adventure. I’ve spent weekends in the sea … being unable to train in a pool because of the COVID situation, I’ve had to take my training elsewhere. I basically adapted the same training sessions I would do in a pool, but in the sea. I easily spend 20-30 hours a week training.

Today we got a bit carried away and filled a bag of rubbish instead of 3 pieces 👊 while on a walk with our team…

Publiée par Wave Of Change Malta sur Dimanche 14 juin 2020

It’s not just swimming sessions, I even do Pilates. I find the sessions very useful. I’ve even been doing mental preparations. It’s tough even for the mind. Imagine having to spend hours on end, looking at a bottomless pit of darkness, it gets intense. I’ve prepared myself for every scenario possible at this point.”

What Can You Do To Help?

Neil is asking you to do something really simple to help motivate him during his Sicily to Malta swim.

“All I’m asking is for people to join the Wave Of Change. Just pick up three pieces of plastic, put up a photo with a #waveofchange, and tag 3 friends or colleagues to do the same. I’ll be swimming for 33 hrs … it literally takes 3 minutes to do the challenge. The more #waveofchange i see, the more motivated I get to do these challenges.”

Will you be joining the wave of change? We know we will… stay tuned.