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IHG Academy Giving Jobs & Internships To ITS Students


Hey, you know what’s pretty cool? The IHG Academy!


It’s a win-win for ITS students: they get to make some dough while they study, and they also get the chance to work at InterContinental Malta or other hotels in the IHG network. Plus, it’s actually a requirement for some courses.


One of the best things about the IHG Academy is that they help students get internships abroad.


That means they can gain international experience, meet new people in the biz, and make their resume look pretty sweet. And when they finish school, InterContinental Malta will give them a full-time job if they want it.



What’s even better is that students get to work in the area they’re studying.


If they’re studying Food Preparation, they get to work in the kitchen and learn all about cooking and kitchen management. And if they’re studying events, they can work in banqueting and learn event planning and coordination.


They’ll also learn from the pros in the hospitality industry, keep up with the latest trends and technologies, and network with other people in the field.



In a nutshell, the IHG Academy is the perfect way for students to get the skills and experience they need to succeed in the hospitality biz.


Oh, and there’s an Informational Session on February 8th if you want to learn more about kickstarting your career.