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If You’ve Been Looking for a Reason to Visit Malta…Here are 13!


For all of you plagued by wanderlust (given the lack of travel this year), or maybe you’d simply like to be reminded of the local beauty around you (and let’s face it, you’re not really going anywhere anytime soon anyways)…here are a few reasons why Malta should be on your bucket list!

1. Valletta

One incredible thing about Malta is that there are over 6000 years of history to explore around the Island – and this is the best place to start. From the Grandmaster’s Palace, to the iconic balconies and old architecture, our capital city is overflowing with history!



2. Maltese Hospitality

For the most part, Maltese people can actually be pretty friendly and welcoming – and are more than happy to help when it comes to things like directions or restaurant recommendations!



3. Mdina (and Rabat)

Home to some of the best pastizzi, views, and architecture on the Island; the old, silent capital of Malta is definitely worth a visit. Oh, and if you’ve ever watched Game of Thrones, then Mdina will surely look familiar, since it was used as the filming location for GOT!



4. The Sister Islands



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Malta’s archipelago consists of 3 Islands, all of which consist of views upon views. So, if you’re seeking a little bit more greenery, then Gozo is the place for you! And if you want to feel like you just stepped into a Mamma Mia movie, then be sure to check out Comino and its renowned Blue Lagoon!



5. Marsaxlokk


Marsaxlokk is a quaint fishing village in the southern part of Malta which is ideal for Sunday strolls around the colourful, traditional Luzzu boats and the Sunday Market.



6. The Maltese Festas

If you’re looking to experience a taste of Maltese culture, then make sure to head to a local festa! (Oh, and you have to try the fresh sugar doughnuts – trust me, it’s a MUST).



7. The Mosta Dome

The Maltese Islands are full of gorgeous churches all around… but this majestic one took over 27 years to build!



8. Birgu


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If Mdina and Valletta had to have a baby, Birgu would be it. Birgu is one of the “3 Cities” and the former capital of the Knights of Malta, and has a lovely, quiet harbour to stroll around.



9. The Beaches


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Malta being, you know, an Island, is surrounded by some of the most gorgeous seas in the Mediterranean, such as Golden Bay and Ramla l-Hamra, so it’s surely worth visiting at least one!



10. The Real Life Village of Popeye!

If you’ve seen the 1980s movie Popeye, starring Robin Williams, then you’ll love visiting this vivid filming location – which is the perfect spot for Instagram-worthy photos!



11. Scuba Diving

If you’re a diver, or maybe you’re seeking some adventure, Malta has some of the best scuba diving spots in the world!



12. The Megalithic Temples

Yet another great spot of history, these temples are some of the oldest in the worldsome of which are even UNESCO World Heritage Sites!



13. And last, but DEFINITELY not least, THE FOOD!

From local delicacies such as stuffat tal-fenek, the classic ftira, mqaret and pastizzi, to iconic snacks such as honey rings (qaghaq tal-ghasel), galletti, bean dip (bigilla), Maltese nougat (qubbajt) and Twistees – and even local drinks like Kinnie and prickly pear liquor – Malta surely knows how to treat its foodies!

There is nothing left, but for us to tell you…we’ll see you soon!