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If you’re Maltese, you’ve definitely owned at least one of these phones

From flip phones, to phones that lit up, and even ones with a keyboard – we used to have so much diversity in our choices of this increasingly vital gadget!

The diversity in phone choices, coupled with the fact that everyone seems to have the same three phones nowadays, got us thinking about ultimate classics you’ve definitely had at some point in the 2000s…

Check them out:

Nokia 3310

We had to kick this off with this indestructible warrior of a phone!

Forget selfies, Instagram and Tik-Tok; the thing that burnt away your precious hours on this phone was Snake!

Even though you spent hours on the game, it feels like you never had to re-charge your phone.

You also knew you had absolutely nothing to worry about if you accidentally dropped your precious little device off a four-story building as it would be sitting preciously, without a single scratch, at the bottom, waiting for you.


You can thank this icon for those impressive typing skills you’ve got!

Whilst everyone else suffered with those numbered keypads that represented three different letters, you were there hitting away at your QWERTY keyboard and replying to your MSN chats as quickly as humanly possible!

Samsung SGH D500

Nothing struck you as extraordinary with this particular phone- but so many of us had it that it can’t not be included in this list!

It slid up and down and the screen was super colourful!

First iPhones

If you had the original iPhone, iPhone3G/S or Iphone4, you are a true OG!

You knew the iPhone was going to be massive before everyone else did! Even back then, people were split on opinion though- some of your friends were insanely jealous of you whilst the others (probably the Nokia people) criticized you for it.


These little classics came in all shapes and sizes and most Maltese people old enough to have a phone in the mid-noughties will remember having one!

The Motorola Razr is the one that is firmly implanted in my mind- it had some memorable ringtones; it came in ALL sorts of colours and there was something so satisfying about flipping this phone open and closing it!

LG G360

Another one with that classic QWERTY keyboard- this one however, was retractable.

That means you were able to- not so subtly- inform everyone when you were about to type something out.

HTC Cha Cha

Lastly, here’s another phone with that impressive full keyboard; and this one even had a little Facebook button at the bottom which allowed you to instantaneously share content- ideal for those us who were already hooked on social media 10 years ago!

Let us know which of these phones you had and if there are any others we missed out on in this list!