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If You Have Wood Plaques Reading ‘Home’ It Is Time For Refurbishment


If your house is filled with poster and wooden plaques which say ‘Home Is Where Your Heart Is’ or coasters reading ‘Friends Are The Family You Choose’, then you are in desperate need of a refurbishment.


At least that is what interior expert Zoe Warren thinks.

She just listed the top 10 most outdated home décor trends out there and let’s say that word art is one of her least favourites.



Zoe stated that the word art trend has been around for years and you certainly you won’t find these in home décor stores.


She added that these generic plaques reading ‘Home’ places around your rooms lacks character and look tacky, apparently.



She advised to take the time in choosing something which fits your aesthetic of the room.


She suggested to paint our walls in Scandi white or cool grey for a neutral yet clean finish rather going for the magnolia walls as seen in the 80s and 90s.



This includes vertical blinds which are a thing of the past.


And also nautical motifs also had their time.



Zoe advises to make use of a lighter colour palette which is inspired by your favourite hot country and pair it with some tassel accessories such as throw cushions.



And also glass block walls are a no too. A simple curtain or glass door is more lightweight and will work just the same.


Brb, we’re off to knock our whole house down. Who knew our taste was so dated?!