If You Cannot Stand Chewing Sounds, Scientists Have Found Why


Does the sound of someone chewing loudly across the dinner table bothers you enough that it makes you want to throw up your own meal?


Don’t worry, you are not alone!



Being disgusted by chewing sounds turns out to be a real condition known as misophonia, which in Latin means, hatred of sound.


Misophonia causes certain noises to trigger a visceral response.


Do you hate the sound of other people eating? Scientists have worked out why


New research by Newcastle University, has found the answers to this, as it reveals why those who suffer from misophonia are easily revolted by things like chewing.



The specific areas thought to be linked to misophonia are the auditory cortex and motor areas related to the mouth, throat and face.


This has been the first time that it has been identified a link between these two specific parts of the brain which cause the condition.


Hate the sound of people chewing? You may have misophonia | WIRED UK


Infact, scientists are excited by this breakthrough as it challenges previous assumptions that this disorder is caused due to an issue with processing of sound.


Furthermore, scientists have some good news for misophonia sufferers.



They stated that one can lessen the symptoms by mimicking the action which is triggering the sound which could help in restoring a sense of control over it.


So if you can’t avoid these noisy chewers in your life, at least you can make eating with them a little bit more bearable!

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