If the Lion King was based in Malta, here’s what it would be like…

lion king malta

With Lion King breaking box office records all around the world, we couldn’t help but think to ourselves … how would Lion King be if it were based in Malta. It would probably go something like this …

Pride rock is Maghtab

lion king on maghtab

Since there are no mountains and every high structure is pretty much man-made, the infamous Maghtab would certainly be the location where the majority of the action happens.

The classic motto would be ‘Ha nsiru patata’


Hakuna Matata might mean ‘no worries’ in Swahili, but when we’re worried there’s only one thing we like to do. You can already hear it: “Ha nsiru patata; what a wonderful phrase”.

’Everywhere the light touches’ wouldn’t actually be that much

lion king in Malta

Mufasa: Look, Simba. Everywhere the light touches is our kingdom.

Simba: Erm, is that it? What about that shadowy place?

Mufasa: Ah no, that’s not ours, that’s Italy.

Ira Losco plays the part of Nala

ira losco as nala

Beyonce as Nala was…fine. But we’re pretty sure our very own Ira would smash it as the Maltese Nala.

Simba gets lost… on the Maltese roads, not in the wild

simba lost in malta

This poor young cub would probably have to go through around 46 diversions due to road works. It’s no wonder he’s a fully grown lion when he returns.

Scar and Mufasa would be political rivals

political rivals

I mean, what else would make two people such massive rivals of each other on our island? Scar and Mufasa would definitely belong to the two opposing political parties.

All the characters’ names would be typically Maltese

maltese name

Simba would be Simon; Mufasa would be Matthew; Scar would be Sandro and Nala would be Nena.

Onechickandayorkie and Tamara Webb would be Timon and Pumbaa

tamara webb danita camilleri

Full of guidance and advice, these two would be perfect for these roles.

X’ghala c-cuccu? Mhux l-aqwa l- #BALANCE!

And Ben Camille would definitely narrate it all

ben camille

Since he’s in pretty much everything else on Maltese TV, Ben Camille would narrate the whole story and why not?

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