“If Possible, I’d Love to Collaborate With Every Maltese Artist” – Debrii on Malta’s Top 10 with Jake


“The passion has always been there” – This is how Debrii described his career in the music industry, as he was Jake’s guest earlier this week on Malta’s Top 10. He said this passion has been there since his school days in Form 1!

Asked about his future projects, Debrii said that he is currently working with a prominent Maltese artists, on an exciting project, and he also said that there are some other Maltese artists who he would like to target, but he is finding the right moment and opportunity to do so, adding also that he is willing to explore song-writing after his long stint as one of Malta’s top producers.




Collaboration in the local industry, is the way to go and it should definitely pushed as an idea, as it heavily promotes the artistry of the Maltese Music Scene, Debrii said adding that there is a new generation of Maltese singers and producers which is extremely impressive at the moment.

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